845SE Single-Ended Class A Power Amplifier

There’s no denying that Class A amps have different tonal characteristics when compared to the more common ClassAB amps. However, as with anything related to tone, “better” is in the ear of the beholder. There are plenty of butt kickin’ amps out there of both classes.

Alexus Audio New 845’s mono blocks

Direct Price: $24995.95

845 parallel single ended Pure Class A monaural power amplifier
Model: 845SE
Rated power: 50W @1kHz  .5% THD
Frequency response: 10Hz -30kHz. (+/- 1db.)
Input  Impedance: RCA unbalanced / 100kΩ
Output: 4 or 8 Ohms(switchable)
Gain: 28db.
Vacuum tube compliment: 845 x 2, 300B, 6S45P
Power consumption: 350W
Dimension: 320mm(W) 370mm(H) 458mm(D)
Weight: 50kg

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