Blue Cat Headphone HD-01 Amplifier

Upgraded Version of
Blue Cat Audiophile
HD-01 Headphones Amplifier
Frequency response: 5 Hz. – 20KHz. +/- 1db.
2 Hz – 40 KHz. +/- 3db.
Output impedance about 5 Ohms.
Pure Class A
Amplifier has:
3 inputs: Line (analog RCA) USB/DAC (computer) and
Bluetooth (smartphone iPad or any Bluetooth devise)
2 outputs (1/4″ jack) for Headphones
RCA Line output (variable for connecting Power amplifier)
Power 120v. (convertible to 230V.) Fuse 0.25Amp.
USB DAC has PCM2706 Chip and WM8740(decoder)
Bluetooth 4.1 Receiver module (I2S signal switching chip 74HC157)
Net weight: 3.2kg.(7lbs.)
Size: 210mm.(8 1/4″) x 210mm.(8 1/4″) x 72mm.(3″)
10 YEAR WARRANTY (some restrictions apply)
Amp has been presented at New York Audio Sow 2016
with Sennheiser HD650 Headphones