Passive PreAmplifier

More and more audiophiles are discovering the benefits of passive preamps. Why? Because more often than not, a passive preamp does the essential job of a preamp (input switching and controlling volume) while doing the least amount of harm to the audio signal.

Direct Price: $1499.95

Zero Gain Passive Line Preamplifier
Preamp doesn’t have Volume potentiometer.
It has micro-controller and it execute all functions.
Each time when you move rotary encoder knob it gives
a signal to micro-controller and it switches different resistors (DALE 1%) for Volume and Balance or switch input relays or power relay.
This configuration gives Zero distortions and Zero phase shifting.
The result is No sound colorations.

1. 4(RCA) inputs 1(RCA) output
2. Volume dynamic range: 96db(1.5db step)
3. IR remote controlled.
4. 120V. AC. (Convertible to 240V.
5. Frequency response: 0 – 50Khz.(+/- 0db.)
6. Remote functions: on/stby, volume (up/down)
input(1-4), mute.
7. Manual functions: Vol. Up/Down, Balance Left/Right,
Input selector 1-4, Power On/Stby.
8. Made in USA