Perfect Phono Multi-Standard preamplifier

The PERFECT PHONO is engineered to be the REFERENCE Phono Stage Equaliser for High End Audio Systems.

Introductory Price: $6995.95

The PERFECT PHONO features:

  • Zero-Global Negative Feedback (No Phase Shifting)
  • Dual mono design
  • JENSEN input MC transformers
  • Input for Low & Hight impedance MC Cartridges
  • Multi Standard Records (LPs): RIAA COLUMBIA DECCA EMI NAB 78rpm
  • High Quality Selected Components (tolerance better than 1%)
  • Power Supply (320,000.00 microfarads) provides best ever sounding stage
  • Lowest output MC cartridges accepted (.1-2.5 mV.)
  • Adjustable gain: 60-80dBs.
  • Active Subsonic Filter: Cuts Frequencies below 18Hz. 18 dB/octave.
  • Very Low Noise (-80 dBs)

The phono preamp is a very important link in the analog path between Turntable
and preamp. The right Phono preamp will compliment the sonic characteristics of
your cartridge and will help you get the most from your Turntable, Cartridge and

ALEXUS AUDIO Multi Standard Phono preamp gives opportunity not only get best possible sound from your conventional (RIAA) records it also raise the quality of sound from old records such have been recorded before 1954-1962 when RIAA has been adopted. It means Old DECCA COLUMBIA EMI NAB will sound more natural than before.

ALEXUS AUDIO is one of the best phono preamplifiers on market. It has been confirmed by many auditions including The Audio Society at the end of 2011 in Brooklyn NY.

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